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Now Available to own on DVD!
(DVD includes Audio Commentary by Director Dylan Formo,
Actors Michael Campbell, Amanda Baskett, and Mike Smoot,
and Associate Producer Kerrie Koon)

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A mother, a hitman, and an undercover police officer are drawn together as they try to rescue girls kidnapped into the sex trade, and bring down the organization responsible. As they get closer to their goal, a new foe begins to emerge whose aims have nothing to do with sex trafficking, but the soul of each would be hero. Their resolve and their very humanity will be challenged as they battle to save the innocence of the helpless victims of the sex trade.


Daniel - Michael Campbell

Audrey - Amanda Baskett

Johnny - Michael Smoot

Sarah - Faith Brewer

Emma - Amanda Geer

Gains - Jason Truitt

Grimm - Noah Willsmore

Director/Writer/Editor - Dylan Formo

Composer - Gabriel Pramuk
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